How to watch the news on email through google account?

How to watch the news on email through google account?

See news on your email
How to watch the news on email via Google account, watch Google News live on your email. Step by step information google news today.

How to watch the news on email through google account-see news email.

Welcome friends. Today you will see how to see Google News on your email, so let's start today.

First of all, you have to open your Google account. First of all, after logging in to your email, now you will open your email. After opening the email, you will see on your desktop the left side which opens the option. 

Where YouTube Google search bar Google News, then you will open the option in this way, you will click on the option containing Google News.

How to view news on email through Google account

When you click on the news option, any news option, you will see a new dashboard in which you will see specific information, favorite service for you, searched country-world, India local news, business entertainment sports, etc.,

 all types You will get the option to play and your local weather can also be found here. Headlines: You can learn as much as you can about headlines.
See news on your email
ईमेल के माध्यम से समाचार कैसे देखें,

Your Email form google news

In this way, you can see news from all over the world through email, in which you can also get information related to your business, as well as you can see the latest news and know the details of your weather in detail. 

And you can get the latest updates to all the news of your region and country, when, how much time, what happened, all this information you can send through your email from Google News You can find news.

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